PT23 was founded in 2005 by Thomas Chen and Patrick Barnes.
Originally created as a flash animation group, the duo moved on to designing, creating game maps and mods, programming, and exploring the world of technology.
In June 2005, PT23 created City of Sticks now titled C.O.S. Part 1, and a week later, won the Underdog Award at
The group continued flash animations till 2008 where the group stopped and focused on their individual lives and picking up new hobbies.
Many new concepts for new animations and stories arise but never completed. The group moved on to create mods and maps for various engines such Source Engine, Quake3 Engine, and Unreal Engine 3.
These mods and maps never reached full completion as it was a way for PT23 to test and learn about different types of designing.
Meanwhile, PT23 turned into a group of friends who shared a common interest in hobbies like airsofting, gaming, and biking. PT23 clans in games include Counter Strike, Minecraft, and Jedi Knight.
After learning about new technology and programs over the course of the years, the two got back together determined to reinvest their time into creating entertainment once again.
Now in 2012, PT23 is proud to announce that it is back in action and is in the process of revamping old animations, creating new ones, as well as many other exciting projects to test the many skills we have acquired over the years.